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  • FRP Purification Tower
  • FRP Purification Tower

FRP Purification Tower

Waste gas purification tower is generally made up of draught fan, packing layer, demister, circular watering pipe, circulating water channel, etc.
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1.1 FRP purification absorption tower

FRP purification absorption tower take FRP tower be as main structure, FRP has corrosion resist, high strength, light weight etc features, it can remove different type of waste gases or impurity substances which in waste liquids.
It has two types: wet-process purification tower and dry-process absorption tower.
Wet-process purification tower includes filler tower, scrubber tower, desulfurization tower, rotational flow tower, bubble tower etc, dry-process absorption tower includes active carbon absorption tower, SDG acid-mist absorption tower. Be mainly used for treatment of H2SO4, HCL, HF, CrO3, HCN, H2S, NH3, NOx etc waste gases.

1.2 BJT FRP Acidmist Purification Absorption Tower

For treatment of corrosive waste gas which especially include acidic or alkaline, mostly use liquid absorption process. Now our company developed acidic or alkaline waste gas purification process and equipment with high absorption efficiency, easily operation and long service, it can remove HCL, HF, NH3, H2SO4, CrO3, HCN, NaOH, H2S, HCHO etc water-soluble waste gases effectively. Use FRP pipes to lead waste gas to absorption tower, waste gas go up and go through filler layers, it will contact with NaOH fully and make reaction, then go through de-watering layer, go to air by blower suction.


This tower uses fillers to make purification, be widely used for continuous and discontinuous treatment for waste gas, simple process, easily operation and maintenance, tower body can be FRP, PP, PVC etc.


It’s can be single tower or double towers which connected by flanges. It consists of liquid storage tank, tower body, spraying layer, filler layer, rotational flow de-misting layer, inspection hole etc.


It’s be widely used for chemical, electronics, metallurgy, electro-galvanized, textile (chemical fiber), foodstuff, mechanical manufacturing etc.


Type of tower Type of fan Power of pump (KW) Volume Flow (M3/h) Total Pressure (Pa)
650 F4-72-3.6A 1.1 1500 390-290
800 F4-72-4.5A 1.1 3000 670-390
1000 F4-72-5A 2.2 5000 820-490
1200 F4-72-6A 4 8000 1230-710
1400 F4-72-6C 4 10000 1760-1116
1650 F4-72-8C 5.5 15000 1209-1166
2000 F4-72-10C 7.5 20000 967-766
2200 F4-72-10C 11 22000 1225-970
2400 F4-72-12C 15 24000 1180-890

1.3 Working Principle of acid fume purify tower

Waste gas purification tower is generally made up of draught fan, packing layer, demister, circular watering pipe, circulating water channel, etc.

Currently, waste gas purification tower has been successfully used to deal with spraying waste gas, printing waste gas, chemical waste gas, electronic waste gas, medical waste gas, asphalt waste gas, mechanical exhaust, sewage waste gas, etc. And it also has a great success in meeting the national discharge standard. At the same time, it removes odour and improves the environment. It is especially suitable for the waste gas which is of low dust capacity, low concentration and great peculiar smell.

The machine uses NaOH solution to counteract and purify the acid fume. The air is sucked by acentric air fan and circulate upper to filters and reacts with the first filter counteracting solution, the sucked exhaust fume will be sucked to the second filter and react with the counteracting solution, then goes to Rotate Circulation Board and goes into the air through air cover and air outlet pipe.


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