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FRP pipe,FRP spraying pipe,air oxide pipe,Slurry pipe for FGD system Technical characteristics
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FRP pipe,FRP spraying pipe,air oxide pipe,Slurry pipe for FGD system

Technical characteristics

1. Corrosion resistant: the inner liner of the pipe adopts epoxy vinyl ester resin,it can resist the erosion from the fume and liquid with sulfur,fluorin.

2. Heat resistant: the inner liner adopts the epoxy vinyl ester resin which HDT is 104℃ and 154℃,it can resist the temperature of 220℃ instantly.

3. Good abrasion: the abrasion resistant filler has been added during the fabrication of the pipe,the roughness coefficient of inner surface layer and outer surface layer is low,it has good abrasion resistant for the liquid with 15% solid.

4. Heat shock resistant: The pipe fabricated with epoxy vinyl ester resin,it has good Heat shock resistant,it can avoid the delamination occurs under the condition of heat shock at 200℃.

5. winding formation: adopt computer control filament reciprocating type continuous winding process,it can perform reasonable proportioning according to the axial and

hoop stress be undertook under it's working condition.It can

improve the adhesive property between layers,and the hoop

crack occurs also be avoided.

6. Easy formation: Every kind of nonstandard part can be made according to the requirements of the installation.

Specification: DN25- DN4000mm

Temperature can be undertook: 220℃

Pressure can be undertook: 2.5 M Pa

Thickness of abrasion resistant layer: >2.5 mm

Color: Green,light yellow

Connection way

The spraying pipe adopts filament wrap connection or flange connection,slurry pipe,air oxide pipe,etc adopt plain end butt connection.

Application of FRP pipe in FGD system

FRP has light weight,high strength,corrosion resistant,heat resistant,shock resistant,low cost,etc outstanding characteristics,currently,FRP pipe has been used for FGD system in large amount,such as;FRP spraying pipe,air oxide pipe,slurry pipe,air oxide spraying gun,filter screen,etc.


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