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  • Briefing Of QFW-4000VI RPM Pipe Production Line
  • Briefing Of QFW-4000VI RPM Pipe Production Line
  • Briefing Of QFW-4000VI RPM Pipe Production Line

Briefing Of QFW-4000VI RPM Pipe Production Line

FRPM Pipe (Reinforced Plastics Mortar Pipe) Production Line has six parts, such as inner layer manufacturing machine, computer control adding mortar-winding machine, curing station, repairing machine, mould unloading machine and resin mix station.
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1. Introduction

FRPM Pipe (Reinforced Plastics Mortar Pipe) Production Line has six parts, such as inner layer manufacturing machine, computer control adding mortar-winding machine, curing station, repairing machine, mould unloading machine and resin mix station. Its controlling center has been adopted the Taiwan’s advanced STD industrial control computer. If the parameter of the wound products being inputted the computer, the design of the linearity for winding of the product will be finished automatically, then controlling the combined movements between the mound rolling speed and the running of the carriage. The pipes produced by the adding mortar-winding machine can decrease the cost and improve the stiffness through adding the mortar without bad influences upon the leak-proof layer and the structure layer.

The RPM pipe’s cost has decreased 40% than the common FRP pipe; the stiffness has been improved greatly. It has many advantages, such as lightweight, anti-corrosion, lower roughness and proper price. It can be widely used in water supply and drainage, agricultural irrigation, petrochemical industry, ocean development, sewage treatment, etc. The production line annual capacity is 5000t, and reasonable structures, latest design, operate easily, high-grade automation are its characteristics. It got the good valuation from the clients.

2. The main parameters
2.1 The total power: 193.6kw
2.2 The maximum diameter can be manufactured: DN4000mm
2.3 The effective length of the pipe: 12000mm
2.4 The productivity: 1000kg/h
2.5 The baking board’s temperature of curing station: 105~160 ℃
2.6 The maxi speed of conveying roving: 90m/min
2.7 The maxi width of roving sheet: 200mm
2.8 The maxi speed of sand conveyance: 100kg/min
2.9 The maxi mould-unloading force: 83t
2.10 The rated drawing force of the capstan: 5t
2.11 The rated lifting force of the supporting pipe trolley: 40t
2.12 The rated pressure of the hydraulic system: 16Mpa
2.13 The central height of mould-unloading machine: 2000mm
2.14 The central height of the other single machine: 1500mm
Note: If the indoor temperature is above 15℃ in winter, the baking board can be power-off, then the total power is 97.6kw

3. The major characteristics of the equipment
3.1 The single machine of whole set will be positioned according to the ways of manufacturing RPM pipe.
3.2 The computer controlling adding mortar-winding machine is one unit with the highest technical content of the whole set, its features are below.
3.2.1 The key electric elements such as the transducer, servo system and photoelectric encoder are made in Siemens, Germany; the industrial control computer is made in Yanhua Corporation, Taiwan. The menu is displayed in Chinese (English), the interface between the person and the machine is reasonable, it is convenient to operate and the working condition can be adjusted on the panel board freely.
3.2.2 It has been adopted the latest version winding software developed by ourselves. And the roving arrangement is regular, enclosure is complete, the position of the trolley is accurate. The wound result should be regular rhombuses checked by one piece of roving. The parameter such as the width of roving sheet, the winding length and the winding diameter are all not limited in the software.
3.2.3 The functions of the controlling system include hand control, semi automatic, automatic, emergency brake, limit switch protection and stepless speed regulation. It should not affect the linearity when the function of stepless speed regulation has been started.
3.2.4 The winding resin and adding mortar supplementary resin are conveyed into the mixer by the standard volume pump, after the curing agent passed the flow meter, atomized by the pressure air, and then mixed with the resin in the mixer. Be flowed out together from the mixer, and then be sprayed into the winding resin tank and the sprayer of adding mortar supplementary resin separately. This type of standard volume pump has some advantages, such as big adjustment range of volume of flow, to operate easily and lower stoppage compared with the other type of mixer.
3.2.5 The motor for conveying sand is a frequency-modulated timing device. It can be adjusted the volume of adding mortar freely to meet the requirements of process.
3.2.6 The distance between the conveying sand framework and the mould can be adjusted freely. There are four guiding wheels that located around the trolley, enable to avoid the waggling of the trolley body during the running, and to ensure distributing mortar steadily.
3.2.7 It is matched with four sets of tie rod extrusion press device. When the winding with adding mortar is finished, the scientific extrusion will be done to the pipe, its efficiency is the density, the stiffness lightness are increased and the cost is declined.
3.2.8 It is adopted the double sand adding cloth device, the sand can be added in two layers to avoid the phenomena of bad immersion of resin as the reason of too thick sand layer one time. It has the following advantages such as large sand adding volume one time, sand adding fast and the adjustable sand adding volume and can meet the requirement of different processes.
Else, one set of industrial computer can match two sets of servo motor enable roving trolley and winding trolley move synchronously, then ensure the constant tense force during the winding.

3.3 The running power devices of the inner layer making machine and the winding machine are positioned at one end of the bed body. The motor drives the planetary balance wheel reducer, and drags the trolley to run forward through the chains. The adjusting device of the chain loose or fast has been set at the tail end of the bed body. Or the running power devices are positioned at one side of the trolley, the motor drive the reducer and drag the trolley to run by rack and gear wheel transmission system.
3.4 The trolley of the inner layer making machine matches the hydraulic lifting platform to meet the different diameter of the pipes.
3.5 The resin supply system of the inner layer making machine is same to it of winding machine. The film clamper and the woven fabrics clamper are set on the trolley, and their tensile can be adjusted, they can make the film and the woven fabrics be wound on the mould steadily.
3.6 The curing station is adopted energy saving type infrared ray baking boards, they are positioned in the longitudinal direction parallel with the mould. They can make the pipe heated steadily during the curing. If the indoor temperature is above 15℃ in winter, the baking board can be power-off to save energy and can decline the cost. The baking board can be divided into two groups, it can use only one group when wind the short pipe.
3.7 Except the mould-unloading machine, the other single units are all set machine stock heads and machine tails, used to support and drive the mould.
3.8 The repairing machine is set water-spraying device, it can decrease the pollution of the dust in the air, to prolong the life of the grinder.
3.9 The resistance center between the pipe and the mould is coincident with the forcing center of the mould-unloading hydraulic container in the mould-unloading machine, and they are fixed.Both of the mould supporting trolley and the pipe supporting trolley are adopted forklift structure for supporting the moulds with different diameter.
During mould-unloading, the mould-unloading force is great at the beginning, the force supplied by hydraulic container; when the mould drawn from the pipe at some distance, the mould-unloading force becoming small, at this moment, the capstan engine has been put on to improve the mould-unloading speed.
3.10 Way of sand-adding: upper sand-adding and below sand-adding.


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