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SF double storage tank Double layer underground buried diesel fuel tank

SF dual-layer oil storage tank

SF dual-layer oil storage tank is more safe, environmental and economical. S means steel for inner tank which contacts with oil fuel, like petroleum, diesel etc; F means FRP for outer shell which contacts with soil.

SF dual-layer oil storage tank is currently it is more and more popular and has been applied to many fields such as hospital helicopterfuel filling system, airplane fuel filling system,vessel fuel filling system, construction of outdoor tanks storage,transportation device of different liquid,chemical device,petroleum device, filling station,selling and repairing of measurement device, selling and repairing of vehicle washing machine, oil piping and storage device of other dangerous goods.

The tank can store the following media such as gasoline, diesel, and kerosene, also can store solid or liquid,alcohol and concentrated sulfuric acid (98%).

SF structure

1. Inner layer: it is made of 6mm thick Q235-B steel plate. Compared with the ordinary single-layer oil tank with the thickness of only 5mm, its strength is improved.

2. Outer layer: reinforced glass fiber layer with thickness of more than 2.5mm, good compression and seismic resistance. With corrosion resistance, electrical corrosion resistance;

3. Through clearance: 0.1 ~ 3.5mm; no firm support within 300 °.

4. Reinforcement structure: inner tank reinforcement

5. Detection equipment: the leakage detector monitors the liquid level at the bottom of the clearance space in real time for 24 hours, and gives an alarm when it detects the liquid level at the bottom of the clearance space.

Safety characteristics

If the inner tank of double-layer oil tank leaks, the gas or detection liquid with a certain pressure in the double-layer gap will enter the inner tank under normal pressure; the pressure or liquid level in the double-layer gap will change, triggering the audible and visual alarm. When the reservoir leaks into the double-layer gap, the reservoir will not leak out because the outer tank is in good condition. Therefore, the reservoir, soil and groundwater are safe.

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