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Double layer underground buried diesel fuel tank price double wall SF oil storage tank for industry

sf fuel storage tank

SF dual-layer oil storage tank is more safe, environmental and economical. S means steel for inner tank which contacts with oil fuel, like petroleum, diesel etc; F means FRP for outer shell which contacts with soil.

Specifications of SF Double Wall Fuel Storage Tank

1) Fiberglass reinforced plastics jacketed steel underground fuel tank volume: 1-100 cubic meters

2) Dimension: we could design diameter and height as per customers' request

3) Material: Fiberglass/Steel

4) Diesel fuel tank shell thickness: 6-10mm

5) Pressure (MPa): Atmospheric pressure Middle pressure (According to the Chinese Design standard)

6) Function:Oil Storage

Safety characteristics

If the outer tank leaks, the gas or detection liquid with a certain pressure in the double-layer gap will enter the soil. Similarly, the pressure or liquid level in the double-layer gap will change, triggering the audible and visual alarm. At this time, because the inner tank is intact and the liquid storage is safe; only gas or detection liquid enters the soil, so the soil and groundwater are also safe. As the soil and groundwater in contact with the inner tank and the outer tank belong to different media, the corrosion rate of tank materials is different, and the probability of leakage at the same time is almost zero. Therefore, it can prevent the liquid from leaking out of the tank and achieve production safety and environmental protection.

Application of frp storage tank

With long life and low maintenance cost, this kind of product is widely used in many industries including food fermentation, brewing, petroleum, chemistry, chlor-alkali, building, transportation, sewage treatment, paper making, metallurgy, medicine, spinning, power, artificial synthesis, etc.

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