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High Strength And Low Price Diesel Fuel Storage Tank For Chemical Industry

Our company produce a variety of FRP tank, such as FRP horizontal storage tank, FRP vertical tank, FRP transportation tank, and a series of tank. We can according to every customer's specific usage(storage or transporting),the medium can use epoxy furan resin, modified or polyester resin, phenolic resin to serve as adhesives. It has corrosion resistant inner layer, transition layer, filament winding strengthening layer and the outer protective layer.

1.FRP tank only used under the design conditions,can not change the medium at will;if under the meet requirement,before change the medium should clean up the tank.

2. Avoid to crash the sharp and hard object.

3. If find the damage,should repair in time.

4.Avoid to be under the blazing sun for quite a long time and avoid to use under the hostile environment.

5. Should often cleaning

6. Should waxing and polishing on time,add teh oil paint,keep the tank beautiful and lasting long

Application of frp storage tank

FRP fiberglass GRP anti corrosive storage tank is widely used for the fields that has the requirement of anti corrosion such as chemical industry,fertilizer industry and so on.FRP material stands for fibre-reinforced polymer or fibre-reinforced plastic. It is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers.This kind of material has the good advantage of light weight,high strength,good anti corrosion and so on.FRP tanks can be used for many years without corrosion.

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