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What are the benefits of using fiberglass covers

fiberglass covers

Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of FRP Pipe, FRP septic tank, FRP storage tank, FRP manhole cover, FRP cooling tower, FRP molded products, FRP pultrusion products and relative FRP winding equipment machines.

Light weight and high pressure frp manhole cover

Anti-corrosion and guard against theft proof to steal frp manhole cover

FRP Manhole Cover Plastic Composite SMC Watertight Manhole Cover

Main Features

1.Non recyclable which makes it of no value, hence eliminate incentive for stealing.

2.Resists weight for up to 40 tons.


4.Bottom lid designed to maintain perfect fit and avoid displacement.


6.Resists bacteria and will not rot.

frp covers

Product Application

FRP Manhole Cover also called GRP manhole cover,mainly divided into SMC( Sheet Molding Compound) and BMC( bulk molding compounds) covers accoding to material difference.They are both fiber reinforced plastic manhole covers.

FRP(Fiber reinforced plastic) is newly developed material of manhole covers.Before FRP came into existance,manhole cover were traditionally manufactured from concrete,steel fibre concrete,cast iron,ductile iron or PVC material,but these materials had their own shortcomings like low load carrying effciency.FRP is considered to be the best alternate material for manhole covers as it has longger lifespan and has the capacity to withstand heavy loads.Increase in heavy traffic and expensive metals completely replaced traditional covers with FRP manhole covers.

1.Underground Electrical Installations: Draw pits, Traffic lights, Street lighting, Fiber optic cable ducts;

2. Telecommunications: Connection chambers, Water, Gas, Petrol-chemical installations.

3. Urban Building Solutions: Pedestrians and comparable areas, Car parking decks, Gully tops.

4. Road Construction: Road cover and the load is suit for all the road vehicles.

Our services

Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co., Ltd. not only have manufacture ability, but also high design ability of material, structure and products, our company can provide customers with technical advice, supply of goods and material, transportation, installation supervision etc service.

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