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China can customize high quality frp grp grating machine

FRP Grating Machine mianly usedto produce the frp grating

FRP grating is used by many fields, such as oil, paper making, wine making, pharmacy, metallurgy, food processing, transportation, textile printing and dyeing, wastewater treatment, ocean exploration, equipment platform, pedestrian walkways, stair tread, trench cover, guardrail, fence, filter plate and so on.

grp grating machine

The common size:

Panel size:3660*1220mm, 2440*1220mm.

Mesh size: 38*38*38mm, 50*50*50mm ,38*38*30mm(also can be customized)


1. Ejector rod lifting device is two cylinder to parallel advance ,smooth ,no waving

2. Stripping plate and stripping beam adopt elasticity connection,go up and down is parallel and steady.

3.The module using delicate 45# steel,grinding,polishing and the surface is plating.It has antiseptic function,smooth and easy to demould.

4.Ejector rod can go up and down along with lifting device,easy to change and easy maintenance.

5.Ejector rod is made from steel parts grinding ,surface smooth,firmness and wear resistance.

6.it is long-life and durable

7.Mould temperature rise and drop are achieved by rectangular copper pipe, which have large contact area with template, temperature rise and drop lastly,and it can heat the mould top surface. In terms of the four borders of the mould,it is anti-corrosion and durable.Joint adopt stainless soft joint,joint destuffing is convenience,anti-corrosion and durable.

8.hot and cold water injection use high-powered water pump ,pipe connections in parallel,so the heating and cooling speed are both fast.

9.there is protective equipment on the mould to avoid the resin leakage.

10.The mould adopt the screw on the bottom to lockup,it is easy to adjust and change.

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