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SF double storage tank FRP GRP Vertical And Horizontal Storage Tank

Oil storage tank is the container for storing oil products. It is the main equipment of oil depot. In practical application, because of the flammability and explosiveness of oil, for the sake of safety, double-layer oil tank is used more and more widely. The existing single-layer oil storage tank can not avoid the corrosion of soil and water gas to the tank body in the process of use. Single layer oil storage tank has been buried underground for a long time, and its service life is extremely limited in this environment. In the process of using, there are unpredictable changes in environmental factors, so we can't know exactly when the tank will leak.

horizontal storage tank

Features of SF double storage tank

1. The service life of SF Fiberglass reinforced plastics jacketed steel underground fuel tank is 3-5 times longer than the conventional ones and at least a 50-year service life under safe operation can be guaranteed;

2. Easy and quick installation can greatly reduce the project duration and costs;

3. The maintenance demanded by the SF double-wall tanks is just 1/10 of that of the conventional ones, thus the maintenance costs can be saved much;

4. Remote control makes the daily and regular inspection easy and digital control can avoid much manual operation;

Details of SF double storage tank

1. Double layer structure, with 0.1mm gap in it, and FRP FRP in the outer layer ensures that the leakage will not directly leak and pollute the soil and water source.

2. The outer FRP FRP will not produce electrolytic corrosion with groundwater, gasoline, diesel and other substances.

3. The leakage detector can monitor the whole process in 24 hours to eliminate potential pollution. At the same time, it is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of oil tank and protects the original environment of soil.

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