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Professional Customized FRP Storage Tank

FRP vertical storage tank is a kind of non-metallic composite material with strong corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, electric power, transportation, food brewing, artificial synthesis, water supply and drainage, desalination, water conservancy and irrigation, national defense engineering and other industries.

FRP vertical tanks have the following characteristics:

Chemical corrosion resistance, long service life: FRP has special corrosion resistance, can withstand a variety of acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents.

Flexible design, excellent tank wall structure performance: fiber reinforced plastic can change resin system or reinforced materials to improve the physical and chemical properties of FRP tanks and non-standard devices to meet the needs of different media and working conditions. The bearing capacity of the tank body is adjusted through the structure layer thickness, winding angle and wall thickness structure and design.

FRP storage tank

Applications of frp tanks

1.Can be widely used in petrochemical, textile printing and dyeing, synthetic, pharmaceutical, food brewing industry and so on.

2.Widely used in chemical corrosive liquid storage.

3.Car transport pan tank can be widely used in storage and transportation of chemical corrosive liquid.

FRP tanks can be widely used in many areas, such as: light industry, petroleum, chemical, food brewing, transportation. FRP tank can resist the corrosion of various acids, alkali and salts. If we adopt the foodstuff resins, and after the strict treatment, the tanks can be used to store and transport the soy sauce, vinegar and other foods. For the large tanks that are difficult to transport, we can manufacture them on site.

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