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FRP GRP Roof Fan With Factory Manufacture

Hengshui Jiubo Composites Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer of FRP products, including FRP fans, FRP septic tank, FRP pipe, FRP storage tank, FRP cooling tower, FRP molded products, FRP grating, FRP water tank and FRP winding machine and etc.


Roof fan’s main components take FRP materials, Impeller adopts a more advanced airfoil blades in some of the weight of the rotating parts, thus they can meet the requirements for aerodynamic performance . The outer surface of the membrane use gel coat resin, smooth surface, beautiful appearance, light weight, low noise, corrosion resistance but also a good flow vibration performance, stable and reliable operation of energy efficient explosion-proof characteristics.


This ventilator have hair dryer, impellers, hood, motors, rectifier ring, protective nets, loose-leaf damper, safety nets and other components. the ring is a roof fan in the rectifier to improve efficiency and reduce the noise of a unique structural forms, loose-leaf damper with safety nets can be choosen according to customer requirements.

FRP fan is characterized by corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, which belongs to anti-corrosion fan.

Features of frp axial fan:

1. Good corrosion resistance. Under normal conditions of ordinary FRP products, it can be used for 50 years.

2. Light weight, high strength, convenient transportation and installation.

3. Small friction and high conveying capacity. The inner surface of the glass is very smooth.

4. Anti pollution and anti mite. Special media will not be polluted by fungi and other fungi, so there is no pollution, and long-term use is as clean as before.

5. Good heat resistance and frost resistance.

6. Beautiful appearance, small maple, anti-aging, low power consumption, low noise, reliable operation, easy installation and maintenance.

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