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Double layer oil tank is widely used in China


1. The double-layer structure has a 0.1mm gap in it, and the outer FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic ensures that the leakage will not directly leak and pollute the soil and water source.

2. The outer FRP FRP will not produce electrolytic corrosion with ground water, gasoline, diesel and other substances.

3. The leakage detector can monitor the whole process in 24 hours to eliminate potential pollution. At the same time, it is convenient for the inspection and maintenance of oil tank and protects the original environment of soil.

double layer oil tank


1.The inner layer - made of 6m thick Q235-B steel plate, is much stronger than a single tank with a thickness of only 5mm. Overhaul extrinsic - strengthens glass fibers from, thickness up to.

2. Above 5m, good shock resistance. Strong corrosion and electric corrosion resistance: The specific process technology is used between the two layers to achieve 0. 1m gap, eliminate hidden trouble from the root.

3.The advanced leak detector monitors the system in real time for 24 hours to eliminate the security risks caused by the leakage.

S/F The service life of the double-deck tank is 5-10 times that of the ordinary tank, which can guarantee at least 30 years of safe use Convenient installation, greatly shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of investment. The monitor system performs routine and periodic inspection, digital control, and eliminates manual complexity. S/F The protection requirement of double-deck oil tank is generally related to 1/10, which greatly saves the maintenance cost. S/F Compared with ordinary tank, the use of double-deck oil tank is improved greatly, which ensures the efficient use of equipment and high cost performance.

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