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5000 ltr price grp sectional sintex water tank FOR SALE

5000 ltr price grp sectional sintex water tank FOR SALE

FRP water tank is assembled by moulding single board, sealing , metallic structure, and plumbing. We can assemble the one with 0.125m³~5,000m³ according to your need.

FRP water tank is a new product used internationally . Assembled using FRP board possessing the advantages of non-pollution, light in weight, corrosion proofing, long service live and simple maintenance. High water quality is assured for the use of food grade resin.

Our FRP water tank is recommended by China Construction Material industry Bureau and is in complete accordance with National Construction Materal Industry Standard JC658.12007

Materials :

Fiber Glass- Low alkali fibre glass conforming to ISO specifications

Manufacturing Process :

SMC hot pressed compression moulding

Tank Structural Support :

- Standard Type : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

- Standard Type : SS 304 Tie-Rod or Cleat Angle Stay

Roof Support - PVC Vertical Poles and GRP roof panel stiffener

Sealant :Non toxic PVC foam

Bolt, Nuts, Washers :

- Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

- Optional : SS 316/A4 (In-contact with water)

Roof - Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel or unless otherwise specified

Ladder :

Standard : Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel

Water Level Indicator :

Standard Reversed Reading Mechanical Ball Float Type with Mouse

Optional : Direct Reading Clear Tube Type

Nozzle Panel :

Flat panels will be provided for any type of piping materials

Water Tank Specification


Tensile strength Mpa ≥60

Bending strength Mpa ≥100

Barcol hardness ≥60

Water absorption% ≤1.0

Fiber glass content% ≥25

maximum distortion of the side wall is less than 1 persent of the hight of the water tank,

maximum distortion of the bottom center is less than 10mm.

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