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FRP axial fan Factory Supplier FRP Industrial Axial Roof Fan

FRP axial flow fan are one of the commonly used heating and ventilation equipments, and are widely used in industrial and mining enterprise production workshops and large public buildings. The weight is 30% lighter than the original metal tablet air humidifier,and the appearance is beautiful and the performance is good.

FRP axial flow fan is an axial flow fan made of FRP. Its appearance and size are exactly the same as steel axial flow fan, except that its shell and impeller are made of FRP. Its biggest feature is corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, which belongs to one of anti-corrosion fans.


1. This series of exhaust fan can be used in the factory, warehouse, office, residential ventilation

2. There should be no corrosive gas and dust

3. Gas temperature below 40 ℃

We will appreciate it a lot if you can offer us your product performance requirements and operation environment, so that we can customize optimal production to meet your every requirement.

1. Air volume

2. Total Pressure or Static Pressure

3. Voltage and Frequency

4. Medium Temperature and Density

5. Altitude of Operation Place

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